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Afraid will not be taken seriously

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I think working towards a good Vitamin D level is a good idea too. I was deficient years ago, but got my levels up with capsules. After getting it up, even though it wasn’t technically low, when I later mentioned some muscle pain to my endocrinologist, she suggested that I increase my daily intake to 3000 units per day. Not long after that, my pain subsided. I continue to take that dose and my labs show I am in normal range. I was also deficient in B12 and take that supplement too.

My mom is also Vitamin D deficient. She was recently 14 on her blood test! She is taking 4000 units daily to get it up. She takes Vitamin B12 shots and will for life. She has neuropathy from low vitamin levels. She has pain in her feet and legs, muscle pain, bone and joint pain, severe fatigue, stomach upset, skin rash, and anxiety. We hope she will improve as her levels stabilize.

I hope your doctors are able to figure it out and help you feel better. It’s frustrating to have symptoms and not know why. I have something similar to that now. I just keep trying to rule things out until we figure it out. I don’t think my doctors judge me. I’m the patient. They are there to help me.

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Mine was 10 and the doctor said she wanted it to be at least 60. I take it daily but if I stop it drops drastically again. I will definitely update once I have my appointment with my doctor, I started Journaling all my symptoms since I am forgetful