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Can anyone share with me the side effects they’ve had with Fosomax or if there are any natural alternatives that have been keeping bone loss at bay?

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I was prescribed Fosomax about 30 years ago, and was on it for a few months. Started to feel pain in my hip joint by the groin, and found it difficult to walk. Got worse within an hour so I left work . I also had been experiencing jaw pain. I was seen late that afternoon by the medical professional who had prescribed it. She admitted that some patients experience pain as I had described, and was not surprised when I told her I would discontinue the drug immediately. The pain in hips and jaw got better and within a few days there were no more episodes. I later learned that indeed there had been reported cases of pain just as I had experienced, including in the jaw, and I recall something to the effect that there had been issues with jaw bones in particular. I was glad that I had discontinued the medication. I have not followed what transpired with Fosomax after that , and I wasn't aware that it is still on the market. I would like to believe that the issues and side effects were attended to.
I was in my in my 40's at that time and engaged in exercise, so I simply upped activities like daily fast-walking, used my treadmill, and exercised to music. Also continued taking my multivitamin and supplements, and included dairy in my diet. Bone density tests over the last few decades reveal no bone issues.
Do a little research, speak with your doctor, and determine what would be best for you.

I've had excellent improvement in dexa scans after taking supplements of AlgaeCal, a plant based calcium formula and doing bone strengthening exercises. Amazon has a very similar formula quite a bit cheaper. Over about 6 years I've gone from osteoporosis to nearly normal bone density! I'm 75.

I’m 74. I was prescribed Evista about a decade ago when my Dexa score was borderline osteopenia. Generic is available. No negative side effects seen.
I consume a lot of dairy and greens and take a Vit D tablet but calcium only in a multivitamin.
My most recent Dexa showed normal scores. Evista might be a reasonable choice for you.