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@suetex - I think I read in another post that you mentioned you had SFN but don't have any pain or numbness and the skin punch biopsy's were negative at the knee and ankle but you have problems with balance. Is balance your main neuropathy symptom you are dealing with?

While you wait for other members to respond, here is a link showing the discussions and comments by members for Rituximab - https://connect.mayoclinic.org/search/?search=Rituximab

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Actually my SFN byopses were zero, not negative. Not exactly the same. When an answer is an actual count, then, in this case, I can only imagine that my body is distroying nerve fibers as fast as they are made. Otherwise, the count would have at least been a small number. This is what I want to explore.

Thank you for sending the link. I am really intrigued by the study done with PMR and Rituximab. I have thought for awhile now that the pain in my quadriceps were PMR pains come back to haunt me. This rhummy (not the one that treated PMR) doesn't think so. Would be ironic to treat two diseases at once....