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There was one exception I found to my, "No CP" rule. I was on a six month assignment in Chicago, and found a CP who practices "structural rehabilitation". He would occasionally do a manipulation, but for the most part he put his patients in traction.

He would have me lie down on a flat table, on my back with my knees raised. He's put a memory foam pad under my lower back to conform to my lumbar spine, and then tilt my head back over a hurdle to get the cervical spine in correct position. I'd stay in that position for 15 minutes.

It was not comfortable! But over a few months, my spine started to return to its natural/normal curves, and I always felt like had perfect posture after a treatment. I haven't been able to find another CP who does this.

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@heyjoe415 thank you for the info on posture traction treatment. Posture is such an important element in resolving back/neck pain. Could you perform this position in your own?