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Prolia black box warning?

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Thank you so much for posting your story.
I have had 3 shots if Prolia but have realized, that I should have researched more rather than accept my doctors suggestion.
It was my rheumatologist , whom I saw this week that asked me questions about it, when he picked up on my history.
I have been sick with respiratory infections, five actually, since October 2022.
My first shot of Prolia was September 20 22.
I have severe asthma and bronchiactesis, so getting infections is NOT helpful at all in maintaining lung health!
I have been following Connect discussions on Prolia, which prompted my question. Yea, Connect!
My follow-up bone density scan is supposed to be after the 4th shot. So I am not aware of'where I am' in recovery, if any.
My rheumatologist also recommended an endocrinologist.
So I see my GP next month for ' the talk' on getting off of Prolia.
Thank you to all who have participated in this discussion.

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I don't want to offend you. I have so many friends that have ended up with severe respiratory symptoms after the Cvid vax

Due to loss of my ovaries at age 22 and 48, I went into early menopause with drop in estrogen. I was on hormone replacement for five years and when my doctor stopped that, I was started in Fosmax for about ten years. Fosmax improved my Dexa scan minimally so after ten years I was started on Prolia which was an injection every six months. My Dexa scan improved immensely. The one side effect was an increase in my cholesterol. I modified my diet and that improved things without going on statins. After 10 years, my doctor stopped Prolia because the research up to this point was showing it was safe up to 10 years. I had one IV dose of Reclast which did nothing to improve my bones. I was thne started on Fosmax for a year which also was minimally effective. In January of this year, I was started on Evenity and after two injections, I haven't noticed any side effects. I am supposed to be on this for a year and then switched back to maybe Prolia.