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Painful walking and tingling, burning feet

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Painful walking and lost the feeling on you feet?

I’m here.. the same things. Why? I already have TBI’s on my brain 12 yrs ago, BUT I feel down in my garage on the wooden steps and hit my overtop my legs. After that, physically no longer of cutting the grass, falling down a lot daily, can’t walk after the 5 mins; pain & unbalanced standing up; falling down often.

Think about my future —> this is good - real good. Because of my TBI, I can’t say of what is coming… but next mth I’m going to this doctor - he helped me just 12 yrs ago after that accident - will work from the bottom of my back and “fix it” - even before my TBI accident. He’s fixing of what happened on the nevuers (sp?) and moving them back. That doctor does a 6 hr day and according to him I can walk. No more unbalanced, and no pain… ok, the pain will change to a diff way and walking - daily according to him will take the next 4 mths.

I’m happy. Yes, I exercise now and decades ago, but according to him, no exercise for the next 4 mths, but walking over walking - daily.

At first, I can’t walk without holding my hands and wheels - that I already walking to church, restaurants, stores. I hope after that will not use this 4 wheels walking.

Acciring to the dr tells of computers of pix when he holds the hand-made and looking as he moves. 6 hrs - wow.

I’ve been there with pains, falling down, can’t do this or that and on. 12 yrs of my accident turn my life from my head to the bottom of my feet (bible part) and this coming time will get back of standing up and walk.

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My Dr. took me off meloxicam and soon after that i started having all these problems of falling down,feet hurting,tingling and burning because he said it would eventually kill me.Coincidense?Not sure till July when i see him and tell him i want them.Death,maybe but happy till then.Not sure yet.