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Thank you so much for the reply. Mine pain is mostly where the drain was in the flank of my back. I dud discover my neck was out if alignment causing back pain in that area. I just had that adjusted today so I will let you know if that helps. I'm still not wearing a bra just a camisole and back to sleeping in the recliner. I don't routinely take the gapapentin but when pain gets worse I do take it . I am walking and breathing is pretty good. I do have a bad cough but I'm told that sometimes happens.

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I will tell you that when I was about 5 mos post op and really discouraged that I was flinching on every deep breath from under my breast to my back under my shoulder blades. I also have RA and was having a flare so I received a short low-dose course of Prednisone. It not only helped my hands and knees, my rib pain was GONE. Not better - gone. Now you can’t take it long because it brings osteoporosis along with the miracle of inflammation relief. But if you are having spinal issues And Rib pain, it doesn’t hurt to ask your doc. I had 20 mg to start and tapered down in 4 days to 15 mg for 4 days then 10 then 5 and then 2.5 - dropping every 4 days. you get the idea.

I am not a big believer in Chiropractic therapy. It may mask the pain for a bit but does not "cure" the underlying cause. But if you get relief from it that is good. I hope it helps.