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Hello @ltta, welcome to Connect. I'm sorry to hear your PMR is back. My second occurrence finally went into remission last February when I was able to taper off of prednisone. Have you done any work on your diet or nutrition to help reduce the inflammation associated with PMR? After my first bout with PMR I developed small fiber peripheral neuropathy and started looking at cellular nutrition as something to help improve my overall health. I started working on it after reading a book by Dr. Terry Wahls – The Wahls Protocol. She has an interesting story to tell on how she used nutritional changes to eliminate the symptoms of her MS. More about her here: https://terrywahls.com/about/about-terry-wahls/

There certainly is a lot of debate about to get a flu shot or not. This year I am participating in a flu shot clinical study for elderly folks so I'm hoping they get some useful information from the study. I can understand not getting one if you've had a bad experience but I'm pretty sure my PMR was not caused by a flu shot. Here is an article that might help give you more background information about the benefits and risks of getting the flu shot if you immune system is compromised and to help you ask the right questions of your doctors to get clear answers.

If Your Immune System Is Compromised, Can You Get Vaccinated?

@ltta thanks for the shout out. We all need to do that now and then! I'm hoping your PMR goes into hiding quickly.


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So vaccines cause pmr?

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