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Hi John, thanks for the articles…read both. Hopefully, the 5yr-old one will have changed somewhat!! Yes, I will update you after doc appt. I find one side of body is better, but the lhs, and I’m left handed, stays quite painful and stiff until late afternoon. Am still on 20 mg prednisone and will continue until I next see the doc. Am now taking prednisone at 5:30ish a.m. so as to get relief earlier in the day!

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Hello, John…I wrote to you today, but don’t know if I did it correctly…am trying again after reading the above. This last month, and I was going down from 5mg to 0…presently at 2mg, I have been having severe pain in my hands, incl fingers, wrists, neck and L shoulder. Rheumy put me up to 20mg, starting today, but for only one week to see what happens!! Is it possible for the pain to lessen by the afternoon? Would really appreciate your advice once again. Trust the PMR is staying away from you, especially with this dreadful C-19. Many thanks, Eileen

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