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Thanks for replying, John. Can you remember how you coped with the pain when first diagnosed? I’m having an awful time. The pain is so bad, I would really appreciate getting some coping guidelines. I’ve been taking 20 mg prednisone for almost two weeks now. Unfortunately, my doctor is off on holidays for two weeks. Pain seems to lessen in late afternoon/early evening…taking prednisone very early in a.m. as well. Having occipital neuralgia and going to a Pain Clinic for many years, I think my pain tolerance is pretty good! As I said, any help would be great. Am seeing my doc on his return.

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Hi @dreamer38, when I was first diagnosed with PMR the pain was really bad in my shoulders and arms and a little in my legs but not as bad. The prednisone at my 20 mg dosage pretty much made all of the pain go away for the day and most of the nights until I took the prednisone the next morning. I know that some have found splitting the dosage helped with the evening and nights but I really never had to do that. One thing I think that helped me cope a little better was mild exercise in the morning after the prednisone kicked in. It sounds like the prednisone doesn't start working for you until later in the day/evening even though you take it in the morning?

Here's some ideas that may be helpful:

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Also an interesting article on diagnosing PMR here: Polymyalgia rheumatica: Look before you leap

I hope you will update us after seeing your doc. It's good for all of us to learn as much as we can about our health issues.


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