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Yes, yes and yes. I had a lower left lobectomy at the end of Septemeber (almost 5 months ago). After about 2 months I felt better- almost pain-free, I started wearing a bra again and increased my physical activity. The pain returned and I was so frustrated. I started taking my gabapentin again and I use a lidocaine patch at night. My pain is under my left breast and radiates around to the incision.
I backed off on any stomach type of exercise. I am back to being braless, it seems to help. I do stretching also but nothing using my stomach muscles.
Walking out in nature is therapeutic for me. I hope you get some relief.

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Thank you so much for the reply. Mine pain is mostly where the drain was in the flank of my back. I dud discover my neck was out if alignment causing back pain in that area. I just had that adjusted today so I will let you know if that helps. I'm still not wearing a bra just a camisole and back to sleeping in the recliner. I don't routinely take the gapapentin but when pain gets worse I do take it . I am walking and breathing is pretty good. I do have a bad cough but I'm told that sometimes happens.