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The prednisone seems to be the “miracle” drug for my husband as well. He, like you, felt better by the same evening he started taking it. However, his rheumatologist has tried reducing the dose several times and it only takes 1 missed dose for him to tell a huge difference . . . .(he takes 5 mg bid). At his last appointment as the doctor was discussing his PMR and medication he said, “if that’s really what you have”, which didn’t go over well with us. The doctor keeps mentioning a muscle biopsy but hasn’t ordered one. He did have an MRI which was supposedly unremarkable. . .

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I wouldn’t give up on trying to reduce the prednisone dosage. My rheumatologist told me he had another patient that was on 1/2 mg a day and every time he tried to quit the pain came back. He said it was almost a year before he was finally able to stop taking the drug. Sounds like your doctor does not have much knowledge on PMR and how it affects people, otherwise he wouldn’t have made such a stupid statement. I would trust your rheumatologist on the diagnosis more than a regular family doctor who I’m guessing has not seen a lot of patients with arthritis and does not specialize in the condition. Keep asking questions and if you are not comfortable with the doctor I would ask to see someone else if possible.

Thank you, John, for your response. Actually, it was his current rheumatologist that made that statement. And, he is the 4th rheumatologist my husband has seen. The other three made no effort whatsoever to diagnose him only did bloodwork and then said they just didn’t know what was wrong with him. We didn’t realize it might be years of his taking the prednisone. I think a muscle biopsy might be in order, but that brings on another set of issues for him.

I guess I was fortunate with the rheumatologist I had at the Rochester Mayo Clinic, Dr. Thomas Osborn. I think he is/was one of their top ones, or at least had the most experience with seniors. Plus he had empathy which made me feel a lot better that he cared about his patients. I will keep you in my prayers hoping you find an answer that will help your husband.

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