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I waited over 5+ years taking Advil on a daily basis to get my full posterior hip replacement and have ruined my kidneys and almost had to go on dialysis. I’m doing fine with the new hip with no more pain even though I still am limping due to Abductor tendinitis which I’m doing pt for. My advice is to have the surgery and be pain free with no more pain meds. Good Luck

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Thank you.

@janpic , thank you for sharing your experience. 18 months ago I began to experience pain in my right hip joint that gave me a pronounced limp when walking. After tests from an orthopedic I was told I needed hip replacement. I was scheduled for surgery 3 month ahead. In the meantime, I was instructed to see a physical therapist to strengthen my leg and hip muscles and to take Advil. I began taking 1200mg/day of Advil After a couple of months, my pain subsided significantly, and I postponed my surgery. I continued to take the Advil for 3 more months and began to taper off. Since then I have postponed my surgery 3 times because I am almost pain free. I am able to walk 2-4 miles ( with hills) without pain and I have been taking only 1 - 2 Advil capsules a day. But I have been concerned about negative side effects. Would you be willing to share how much Advil you were taking and for how long?