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Seven years ago I had my upper left lung removed. I’m still having pain. Will this pain ever go away thank you.

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What type Of pain?


Is it near the incision or your ribs? I had a lobectomy in September- my cancer mentor had one 10 years ago. She told me she still has pain from time to time. Is yours ongoing or does it come and go? Are you on Gabapentin? If not maybe that would help.
I have pain but I am not that far out from surgery. I take gabapentin and use a lidocaine patch at night.
What does your doc say?

It is near the incision. I just called the doctor today. I’m not taking any medication but I do use Biofreeze and it helps with the burning. It feels tight and it’s numb when I touch it. I’m waiting for the nurse to call me back.


Wow, I am trying to eat healthy foods. Dr. William Li has helpful food tips. I did have chemo before my surgery, then I had radiation after my lobectomy. The medicine I am taking is targeted therapy. The type of lung cancer I have is a mutation. It is called ALK lung cancer.
Walking outdoors keeps me happy. Keep me posted.

Does it feel like you're wearing a bra 3 or 4 sizes too small or thicker your tens are caught in a vise grip? When I had my vats in 2011 they injured the intercostal nerve that ran along one of the ribs they manipulated. I still have that burning tightness. Sometimes it's worse than others. It has gotten a lot better over time.

😘 I don’t think so…… I had a VAT surgery done on each lung in 2020 and I still have constant nerve pain.
Gabapentin combined with Cymbalta manages the pain very well! I hate being on medications for the rest of my life.
Are you taking anything for pain?

Hi @babs1956, Welcome to Mayo Connect. It looks like you've received some great suggestions. There is a recent discussion that may be applicable too:
I will be interested to hear about your call with the nurse on Monday. Unfortunately, many people have ongoing pain after lung surgery, seven years is a long time to put up with this pain and discomfort.
Have you been cancer free all this time?

I have been a vegetarian for 36 years! Nice talking to you too-

Seven years after my lung cancer surgery below my incision I noticed a lump is that scar tissue? Is that why I’m in so much pain does anyone else have something like that? Thank you so much.