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Hi, Thank you for being open about this, it's helpful, and I don't have contact with doctors who want to help. What is the Loratadine? and what is it used for? It seems like youre saying it's an antihistamine. I take oral estrogen and have for 20 years, but don't know about a vaginal estrogen. is it a prescription, and what is it called?
I contracted herpes in the late 70's and haven't had many outbreaks. I can guess when my stress level is high enough to bring it on, like a move across country. But being familiar with the dease doesn't make me sure that's what this first commentor has.
The first time I was told I had vaginal atrophy I told the doc he was sexist, lol. Now I have more information but it is a terrible name. Having atrophy doesn't necessarily mean there is a itching symptom. When I have had itching, or irritation, I have been tested for a infection (not sexually transmitted) and treated with antibiotics. It is hard to get rid of completely and many older women live with a bacterial infection without being treated. That is sad to me, it doesn't have to be tolerated if we can find doctors who will keep looking for answers too.

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Are you on estradiol vaginally? A lot of what you describe may be dead cells sloughing off. My discharge requires a pantry liner. And then if you get an additional vaginosis it’s hard to detect. Because it seems your ordinary discharge is a bit more. I use Vagifem twice a week. Kind of pricey but I loath that icky cream.