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@kidneybean1 welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I don’t have PKD or PLD. I am diabetic and have associated chronic kidney disease (CKD). I had a pancreas transplant 18 years ago. At some future time I will need a kidney transplant. I have been to Mayo Clinic Transplant Center in Rochester, MN for pre-transplant evaluation. I met Dr. Prieto. He was part of the team that did my evaluation. He is fantastic. It is wonderful that you have people willing to be considered for living donation for you. I have been looking for a living donor for kidney transplant since about 2016 and haven’t found anyone.
It is totally doable to get this done at Mayo in Rochester. You will have a pre-transplant evaluation. Potential donors will also go through an evaluation. Potential donors do a health screening on-line and Mayo takes charge after that to prioritize &/or rule out potential donors. I did initially have a handful of willing donors. Most were eliminated at the health screening stage. One made it to Mayo for the evaluation, but was ruled out then. Once the evaluations are completed and both parties are approved/ accepted the scheduling can begin. Mayo will attend to all the details for optimal results for both the recipient and the donor. Each will have a transplant coordinator and medical team. This collaborative approach is thorough from pre-transplant evaluation through dedicated follow up after surgery. They are a wealth of resources and information for everything such as getting there, lodging & transportation while there, what to bring, how to prepare …..
I want to tag a fellow volunteer mentor @rosemarya. She had a dual liver kidney transplant there. She may have more information and could answer any other questions better than me.

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Thank you for that valuable information you gave me. I'm glad your pancreas transplant went well. I look forward to talking with rosemarya. That is incredible how they can do kidney and liver transplants these days. I hope you can find a live kidney donor soon.