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I don’t think everyone goes through RAI….however based on what I have read, it seems like it’s one preventative type procedure to reduce cancer spread. If the cancer is self contained, I don’t know if they always need to do it. Did you just have a thyroidectomy? If so, it takes a little while for the biopsies to come back….they should know shortly. If it has been a while since you had surgery and you have not been told what type of cancer you have….maybe they are running additional tests? …..maybe it’s not cancer (that would be nice!).

As for asking for RAI…..in my opinion, it’s always good to weigh the pros and the cons of the procedure because it can affect other organs in the area (i.e., voice, swallowing, etc.) . If and when you get a diagnosis it is probably best to go with what the doctor thinks you should do for follow-up; and if you are not comfortable, go for a second opinion. In my opinion, every procedure has an impact on the surrounding structures, so sometimes a more cautious approach is better. Radiation fries the area so if it is not necessary, why ask for it.
Hearing you have cancer and not knowing the type is certainly stressful! I am hopeful that you get answers soon. Good Luck!

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Thank you so much! Your advice makes me feel much better about what my doctor will recommend. I have a total thyroidectomy on March 5th. I really appreciate your response!

Not all types of thyroid cancer are receptive to iodine therapy. Specifically, Hurthle Cell Carcinoma is one known for lower instances of positive iodine uptake. Immunotherapy infusion is a more common treatment, better tolerated.