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Some of us have worse addictions than others. There is evidence to suggest that differences in brain function and structure may influence susceptibility to various forms of addiction. Therefore, each person’s quit can be different, easier or harder. They’ve found differences in brain receptors(or whatever?) when comparing different smokers. Researchers are beginning to believe that nicotine is more addictive than cocaine. By the way, nicotine is still in your bloodstream for up to 10 days. Withdrawal can last from weeks to months.

I quit the first time only because I needed hip replacement surgery & the surgeon refused to do it till I quit. The pain became so unbearable, I couldn’t sit, walk, or lie down, and he was the best surgeon to have. I used chantix, patches, and a nicotrol inhaler, being careful not to overlap the nicotine amounts. I would suggest to start with the chantix & low dose patch patches. I think it helps keep you from the high/lows, and more at an even keel. Then when you go off the patch, use the inhaler for peak cravings or dire emotional need. I’m not a doctor, but that’s how my first quit worked. I wasn’t smoking after the surgery either because the Dr impressed upon me how hard it was for smokers to heal. As long as I wasn’t smoking, I decided it was past time to go along with the same Dr & replace my knee too. After that, I started out with just 1 or2/ day and ended a 1 year quit & was back to a 1/2 pk/day+. Normally, I was 1pk/day. The main problem with my quit routine was my physical cravings came back when my Chantix was no longer renewable. Now I’ve gone through my first round of chemo, and am scheduled for a triple whammy next month. 2 radiations & 1 chemotherapy/day for first 3 days, then cont. 2/ rad/day for another 12 days. Worst of all, I too want to ask my Dr if it could really hurt that much to have just 2/day (that’s what I’m down to now again)

Don’t beat yourself up or think you’re weak, it's really HARD for some of us. Best advice, if you quit, don’t let yourself have even one, or 1 to 2/day. It never ends well, I’ve done it twice. Finally🥱 try some Voltaren for the pain. You can buy it over-the-counter now. Mayo formulated it, I think. I really hope both concerns get better for you!

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Finally! Good advice without the finger shaking “you’re weak” sermon! I too continue the struggle! I had my LUL Segmentectomy coming up on a year ago, and I have slipped a couple of times during that time. I KNOW. I’m addicted! Started smoking at 16, now 59. I have tried to quit several times during my life, but that horrid monster comes back and pulls me in! I thought the medcines like Chantix were making me intolerable to be around, but it was actually the withdrawals. I get crazy mad at stupid petty things and I don't even like myself! I make it 4 or 5 months and then slip, I feel really guilty, wear the patches for another 5 months, etc. It is a really vicious cycle but I am realizing that I actually feel better when I’m not smoking. I have used the 1-800-quitnow and that was good. You get a coach and you can pick your first round of nicotine replacement for free. After that you have to buy it. However, its only gum, lozenges or patches, but its still a real nice program. It is true, only YOU will be able to do it, and yes, it IS much better than our other option. I wish you and the rest of US, that are struggling with this addiction, The BEST of Luck! God Bless Everyone!