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Prolia black box warning?

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If you had only 1 shot of Prolia, you can safely stop without any rebound effect. What issue did you have with Prolia?

I stopped Prolia after 3 shots after doing some belated research and am now on weekly Alendronate to mitigate the dreaded rebound effect which the doctor did not warn me about. I hope to get off Alendronate as soon as possible but this will depend on the BTM results

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Thank you so much for posting your story.
I have had 3 shots if Prolia but have realized, that I should have researched more rather than accept my doctors suggestion.
It was my rheumatologist , whom I saw this week that asked me questions about it, when he picked up on my history.
I have been sick with respiratory infections, five actually, since October 2022.
My first shot of Prolia was September 20 22.
I have severe asthma and bronchiactesis, so getting infections is NOT helpful at all in maintaining lung health!
I have been following Connect discussions on Prolia, which prompted my question. Yea, Connect!
My follow-up bone density scan is supposed to be after the 4th shot. So I am not aware of'where I am' in recovery, if any.
My rheumatologist also recommended an endocrinologist.
So I see my GP next month for ' the talk' on getting off of Prolia.
Thank you to all who have participated in this discussion.