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Prolia black box warning?

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Has anyone gone off prolia. I have had 1 shot of prolia and can’t imagine continuing this drug. Fosamax was no better if not worse. At 78 I can’t see spending the rest of my life such misery.

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I don’t take any osteo drugs but I have heard Dr Keith McCormick say to not stay on Prolia longer than 2 years.

If you had only 1 shot of Prolia, you can safely stop without any rebound effect. What issue did you have with Prolia?

I stopped Prolia after 3 shots after doing some belated research and am now on weekly Alendronate to mitigate the dreaded rebound effect which the doctor did not warn me about. I hope to get off Alendronate as soon as possible but this will depend on the BTM results

cella, its good you are going off after only one shot. People stop taking Prolia more safely the sooner they stop. You can lose bone rapidly and some experience multiple fractures, even just being late for their injection. You will have to take something, even though you likely don't want to. You might try a bisphosphonate that can be injected for until the effects of prolia are no longer a threat. In your case the misery of Prolia is protecting you.

What's wrong with the shots? Pain? Marks? ?

Talk to an md before going off. Spontaneous fractures can happen when people go off cold Turkey.