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Ruth Ann (@amyh2439)

Carcinoid cancer: Want to meet others

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To amyh2439: I’m so sorry to hear of your carcinoid diagnosis. It is a difficult diagnosis to understand because it is rather rare and even doctors do not always have good info to give you. I’ve had several, all in the duodenal bulb. They have all been removed quite successfully and I’ve had good outcomes. I hope that you will have a similar experience. The important thing about carcinoids is to find a doctor who is experienced in this type of cancer and be diligent in following up with your doctor(s) to be sure that you are carcinoid-free. As they do not show up on regular X-rays or CT scans, special tests and procedures must be done to track them down. Best wishes and stay connected with Mayo Connect. We are all here for each other!

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Who are the doctors that you have used???

Yes it is hard to take this and understand all that is going on ,I was just
admitted to Hospice as I have COPD also and have bad exacerbations from it
and have been hospitalized several times with it so now they have put me
in Hospice,I am still wondering though if my tumors I have in my lungs
aren’t causing some of my problems but they do not make the effort to find out,I
am not capable of having surgery so I am really left hanging with no
choices, Good to hear from you ,keep in touch Ruth Ann

My prayers are with you Ruth Ann.  When we reach a place where there are no other options we simply have to draw on our faith and trust the goodness of our caregivers to provide us with peace and comfort.  I am glad that you are reaching out through Mayo Connect.  This is a good place.  Blessings to you and keep in touch.

@lucci50 I go to University of Michigan. I have two doctors there. One does the surgery and the other is a GI specialist who specializes in Carcinoids.