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I am an 87 year old female and about 5 years ago I took a very bad fall which caused 5 compression fractures in my upper spine. About a year later numbness started in my feet and slowly worked its way up to the top of my knees. About 5 months ago I started getting tingling and mild numbness in both my arms and hands. I am very unsteady on my feet and I must use a walker. I also have very bad osteoporosis which caused 3 additional vertebrae to collapse and required a medical procedure where they injected a filler into my those 3 vertebrae in my spine. I am mentioning my medical history because I personally believe that my pn has been caused by the problems with my spine. I exercise (Utube “Ease peripheral neuropathy in feet and legs” and walk a short 2 blocks to the local park and back every day. My diet is gluten free and anti-inflammatory.
The pain and burning that I once felt would be at night and wake me up. The burning stopped when I started the gluten free diet and when I started the anti-inflammatory diet I no longer had the pain. I hope that there is someone out there that this information will help. Previously I have tried Alpha-Lipoic Acid, NA R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Curcumin Phytosome, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, NAC, Fish Oil and none of them helped me, but we are all different and they may help you and I am sure they have helped others.
I understand that there is no cure for pn and that it will get progressively worse but as crappy as this is, you only have to look around and see that there is a lot worse out there. Exercise and strict adherence to my diet plus a minimum of medication (3 100mg. of gabapentin a day) is what works for me. As you can see, I have tried many different things looking for that magic bullet. I am very, very grateful that I finally found things that helped me and want to share them with you and hope that they can help someone else.

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I'm glad to hear the Anti-Inflammatory Diet is working for you! I have been on it since November and I have noticed a marked reduction in the burning sensations in my hands and feet. When I 'cheat' and have something with sugar, the next morning I'll feel a weakness in my legs and arthritis pain in my knees. Hang in there, you sound like a trooper.