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Welcome @jafd.
I'd like to introduce you to a few other Connect members who have been talking about Barrett's and reflux on this discussion thread https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/i-have-acid-reflux-so-bad-it-is-coming-up-into-my/ Please meet @dandl48 @cbs61752 @boogirl and @travelgirl. Like you @dandl48 developed Barrett's Esophagus after my many years of dealing with reflux.

Jafd, have you spoken to your doctor about long-term use of omeprazole?

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<br />Sorry for the delay in responding but have been traveling (visiting Mayo,etc). I’m on 40 MG 2x a day of Nexium 24 which is quiet high and I also take Vitamin D3 which helps with the uptake of calcium. All bloodwork and tests of kidney and liver functions are great. If I were you I would talk to your MD before you go off of your meds. You could get a second opinion, and if you decide to I would highly recommend The Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I travel there 4 times a year, each round trip 2,600+ miles. Dr Kenneth Wang there is a super Dr and highly recommend him. If you do go off the meds, don’t stop your Endoscopies since Barrett’s can turn from no dysplasia to Hi Grade Dysplasia in the matter of months; I am proof of that. Best of luck,

No, I haven't talked to my doctor about being on omeprazole long term. I have an appt in fall and will discuss it with him then. I am thinking about getting another opinion just for my own mental sake.

sorry I missed this too. I as well was traveling back to mayo in Jacksonville last week for my 3 month check up. My check up went well .. My blood work according to my Hemotoligy Dr was better than hers. Lol..
I have acid reflex on steroids as I call it, but the doctors will say I have GERD.. I take 20 ml omperzole in the morning and 20 ml omperzole at night. I gave up everything but tea and coffee .. Plus I take vitamin D3 ..also I think it seems to help when I drink alkaline water. If I don't take this medicine..I get stabbing chest pains and it feels a I was hit a cement truck in the morning. Plus I get a burning sensation down my throat so bad I swear I was poisoned. It took three different acid reflex pills to find one that worked for me Plus it took me a few months to get it under control. I swore I was dying the whole time.. GERD is brutal. I tried nexium it made my blood sugar drop. Wish you the best..