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Myelogram for all spine - Experiences

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@soccer1477 Do your doctors know about your allergy to the dye? You should discuss this with them. I would expect that they would not want put you through tests with risks that could send you to the emergency room. You do not have to consent. If you truly have an allergy to it, your response can be completely different than someone else's here.

The example I can give you is that I had a bad reaction to an epidural injection that caused random burning electric shock type pain for about 6 weeks because I was allergic to the polyethylene glycol in it. I didn't know that at the time, but after having a vaccination for Covid that also had PEG in it, I started having a reaction and went to the emergency room and they cleared it right away. If something you are allergic to is injected near your nerves, it might cause inflammation there. Isn't that how Arachnoiditis starts with inflammation of nerves that doesn't go away?


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Hello Jennifer, yes, I have mentioned it and they explained that because it was injected to via veins and i also had to drink the solution is very different than the one that is injected in your medulla, so they were not too concerned but they said they would monitor it. Not sure how Arachonoiditis starts, what I understand is that it can be caused by ESI and also the Myelogram based on what is injected inside your spine.
I'm wondering if there is any other test that can be done such as MRI with Contrast through all the spine, and then if there are any more options, go with the Myelogram and pray and hope everything goes well, I have three doctors, two that says no to the myelogram and one that says yes, the two say to continue ESI and PT the other feels is something related to my Cervical and he wants to investigate more, the only thing I know is that I'm in lots of pain on my mid back, pecs, hamstrings, tibialis and perones and the medicine is not working or PT, including the ESIs i have had one on C6, other on T1 another on T4 and another on S1 - L4.