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@heyjoe415 I just wanted to chime in here. Spinal discs in adults do not have a blood supply so probably don't respond like other body parts to heat or cold. That is why damage to them becomes a problem and over time. The moisture in the discs dries out as we age and discs naturally shrink a bit. If they are herniated and the inner jelly like nucleus is spilled out, the disc will loose some height because of that. I had that situation and my disc lost half it's height before my cervical fusion spine surgery. While the spine is forming and growing, there is a blood supply, but it disappears during normal development. Discs are also under a lot of pressure bearing 80% of body weight on the discs in the spine while the other 20% is on the facet joints of the spine. I have heard of bulging discs that can stop bulging, and I've had that with one of mine as a result of physical therapy and seen that on my MRIs of the thoracic spine.


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Thank you so much for the great info!
Question: Do you mean that PT contributed to one of your discs stop bulging? As in "get back into place"? Was PT on that area painful?
I am opposed to having anyone touch/manipulate my spine, especially a chiropractor. About 35 years ago, a chiropractic adjustment resulted in my leaving with pain, which continued for several days. I crossed off chiropractic care altogether. And I did not have bulging discs at that time, so with the present spinal condition the thought of anyone touching those areas is not at all appealing.

Thanks Jennifer and great info on blood supply to the spine. I did have one bulging disc that caused horrible, sharp pain in my calf and hamstrings, and numbness in my thigh. It did finally resolve and my understanding is that this is usually the case.