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You did a great job explaing everything. I'm just like you; a wife that is extremely concerned about our husband's prostate treatment. My husband Jim, will begin treatment at Mayo in Az. He is going to have a surgery on 2-29-24 to put in Boragel instead of the Spaceor gel that we thought he was going to have. He has no metastasic but the cancer is outside the prostate in the muscle. Has anyone had the Boragel and what was your experiences. I also was wondering if there would be blood in the urine after the marker and Boragel surgery? So, the weather in AZ is quite lovely the next few months. I definately recommending to Phoenix for Proton Beam therapy. If you are retired, use this lovely environment as a second honeymoon with therapy. I'm also recommending the Decipher test which Jim will have on 3-7-24. It helps determine the risk of cancer through the DNA somehow. If someone would like to explain this better, please do.

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Marlow2, I am currently undergoing Proton treatment at Mayo, AZ. I had the Barrigel Spacer inserted on 2/14/24. There was no discomfort or bleeding of any kind after the surgery. This is a very new procedure here at Mayo and they are very pleased with the results I'm having. We are staying in our motorhome at a RV park in Mesa for the duration of the 28 treatments. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. We'll probably cross paths at some point during treatments.