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Hello thank you for the reply, I was originally dx 9 years ago with er pr+. In Aug it turned up in my spine with subtype changed to TNBC I’m currently on carpo/gemzar. Just scared all the time.

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You are not alone. Me too💕💕

HI Just wanted to reach out and say that I am feeling your constant worry and confusion as well.
I have LBC starting 12 yrs ago and have detected the recurrences of "small" tumor in 2019, 2022, in my left arm pit, even after I had Dmastec.2012, radiation in 2019 nd 2022. Now it was concluded that something they thought was benign is metastatic LBC to a vertebrae =11/20/23.
I have only taken Anastrozole for the past month. I am worrying about my first CT scan next wk and bone density test since the 11/30 biopsy results.
Sleep is so important and I have so many family & wk issues that have actually been going on for decades that I am really trying to weed through and keep my stress levels down, but I wake up and start worrying and wondering. I am TRYING to fit in mindful behavior, healthy regimens to compliment any medical treatment...cutting out processed foods , any for of sugar , minimize carbs, Oxygenating cells , lemon for Vit. C in my water..fresh .aloe topically and am going to try it in smoothies I make too. Aloe has the highest amount of oxygen in it of any plant. I hope this gives you some hope and comfort.