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Want to talk with others. Have you found relief from CRPS?

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Keep on trucking through the pain and try to do what you can to stay active. I had injuries in 2015 and ended up with two broken feet, legs and body crps spread. (Stemmed from right foot) My PT person was a life saver and the one who was able to identify the condition due to her graduation paper was on this particular condition,
View yourself as a a warrior because you have to keep plugging along. I finally just started to do daily walks pushing through the pain and I used to have a hot tub or jacuzzi I could use at night. Lots of Epsom salt baths…. That helped.
Using a swimming pool is also very good to work on trying to use your muscles.

I had to take muscle relaxers and sleep aid to battle the spasms and Charley horses.

I was prescribed Lyrica for years and didn’t like it, I didn’t use the fentanyl patches due to being chicken. Opioids make me ill so that wasn’t an option. I was worried about progression so I didn’t do many of the drastic things for nerve blocks.
The Lyrica made my bp high.

I can’t say things happened over night but eventually I have a better handle on this awful condition. It is always there to be cautious about it wanting to take hold.

Keep moving because when you don’t it gets worse it seems to me. Keep working yourself on range of motion and follow your instincts.

This is difficult for the entire family because it is hard for people to understand…
Hang tough!!

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les2024: I can "hear" your strong energy via your post! Gracias for responding/sharing.

I've taken cyclobenzeprine for actually a few decades now, for fibromyalgia. Does nothing for the "new pains." Won't touch Lyrica, Cymbalta, etc. since those and others affect me intensely. Same with morphine, codeine. But I am not a martyr, so yes I proactively seek other means to help myself, including prayer, light exercise and aim to keep body parts limber/functional. But I also know when to just "let go" and allow myself to veg and rest, to give body a chance to heal and for me to recoup some energy and soothe the soul.

And you are right: CRPS is indeed difficult for others to comprehend because there is nothing "visibly wrong" with the person. Same goes for fibromyalgia and other draining conditions which create the absolute need to stop, lie down, rest/sleep, etc.....Thankfully, my husband does "get it" . It's difficult for me as well because I've always been active, involved, juggling several activities at once. Took me a while to accept that I had to "pare things down" but yet remain active.
One's priorities do evolve over time, that's for sure.🤔