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At the last minute I called the pharmacy this morning and he filled one more month. Time to look for another Dr and try to use the months worth to ween off. I agree totally with you.

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Glad to hear you received an additional month. Hopefully you can find a doctor who understands how this med works and weaning schedule etc. Unfortunately you will more than likely need more refills from new doc in order to wean over extended months I suspect. I can tell you I stopped cold turkey after only 7 months and I had 3 ongoing withdrawal symptoms, one of which still exists after 11 months. But I was having issues after only being on drug for month or so and should have stopped after that brief stint. Doctor told me my symptoms weren't related to klonopin so realized later he was an idiot who didn't understand the med at all. Unfortunately most older docs don't. Younger ones seem to get it, just fyi!

It's inexcusable for a prescriber to cut someone abruptly off Clonazepam, or any number of other medications. Withdrawal is horrible. I tapered off it last fall, but I started several months before. The tablets can be cut as small as you're able, and then you can reduce the dosage in small increments.

Another consideration is to start a different medication as you titrate. I think that helped me stop after the last .5mg. To avoid withdrawal, it's important to titrate slowly, as much as your body permits. That can mean a couple of weeks (or more) at each dosage. Everyone is different, so no one can tell you exactly how long it will take. But, stopping cold could even put you in the hospital. You might speak with the pharmacist about something you could take as a transition while you titrate off the benzo that would help with the withdrawal.


What is the standard protocol for tapering off klonopin. I have been on 0.5 three times a day for 4 months.