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Thanks For your reply. My Dr has been giving me .5 mg twice a day for the last 8-10 years. Went to Dr Yesterday for refills on clonapin for next month. He said he won't refill this anymore. Just like that. So I asked for 1 months worth till I can figure something out. He told me to go to another type of Dr. I have 5 Left. I know the withdrawal on this type of medication. Been through it. So now I have to take 2.5 mg a day I guess and spread it out over 10 12 days. It can't be done, I'm 72. BIG TOM

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Was it the same physician who has had you on klonopin all these years? If so, interesting that he decided to stop all at once?? Something obviously influenced this decision but he should also realize you need to be weaned off rather than just stopped? He's either run into an issue with someone over this med. or something else is up for him to change his stance so abruptly with no explanation? And no weaning schedule? Wishing you the best.