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Tooth pain and Neuropathy

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I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy a few years ago. I don’t have tooth pain (thank goodness) but I’ve had tongue and mouth pain for years, sometimes with small blisters and sores. I saw an ENT when there was a discussion about doing a tongue biopsy for Sjögren’s syndrome. That didn’t happen, but he confirmed that I was not making enough saliva. He prescribed Pilocarpine 5 mg three times per day prn. I actually saw him before my SFN diagnosis, so I’ve been taking the Pilocarpine for 3-4 years.
I’m telling this rambling story in case there might be some dry mouth issues contributing to tooth pain. I had years of dry mouth issues to report to him, and he confirmed decreased saliva by pressing on my salivary glands. He was much more helpful than my dentist.
Good luck!

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I have a similar issue never given a diagnosis a lot of numbness in legs and feet occasional carpel tunnel. Then back in summer of 2023 had this severe electrical pain in my rib cage so bad went to the hospital. After several hours of testing told me I had covid didn't know it were no symptoms like fever or breathing issues but read up on it and it can effect the lining of the lungs between the ribs and the lung. That went away until December when I had a severe intestinal virus now got shooting nerve pains in my intestines. But anyway I've had dry eyes and mouth with sores at the jaw line where they meet. They biopsied them never came to a conclusion. Through research I had my doctor test me for a genetic problem where you lack the intestinal conversion of B vitamins and I had one of the genetic for that. Years ago I started taking B vitamins and it built up in my system. Since I stopped taking B vitamins and started taking the metabolic processed Folate to help convert B12 and B6. A lot of the numbness in my legs and feet have gone away throat is much less dry eyes not much of a change.

I appreciate your information. I've been to an ENT about my dry mouth (I'm down one salivary glad since I was 13). It all seemed like Sjorgren's but that biopsy (I thought it was in the lower lip?) put me off. I will look into Pilocarpine.