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I had my first shot around the same time at the end of January. This is day 17. Each day, I expect the serious side-effects to start.
So far I've had the injection site swelling and pain that lasted for 24 hours. Before the first set of injections, I drank A LOT of water and took a Tylenol. That may have helped. I plan to do it everytime, and to keep my fingers crossed.
Over the last week, I got a cold sore--first one in many years, and I've had a huge change in appetite. I'm hungry all the time. Has anyone else experienced that? I doubt it's unrelated. I usually have to force myself to eat. At least the hunger is making it easier for me to pack in loads of nutrients.

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Yes! I noticed an increase in hunger so I’m being very careful with what I eat. No Mexican food. lol. I live in Texas. I get my injections in the back of my arms and massage the sites right after the injections. Doing that has kept the area from getting sore.

Since I wrote about side effects 17 days after the first injections, I had a bit of swelling in my bottom lip (that's in addition to the cold sore). My increased appetite didn't change and it continues to this day.

Yesterday I had my second set of injections in the abdomen, and had the same injection site swelling. It went away overnight. Within a few hours of the shots, I had some inflammation in my joints, and a mild headache. Both were gone by the time I went to bed. Today, I feel really tired, and have serious brain fog.

@hopefullibrarian Yes. My appetite has changed. I gained 9 lbs since I started Evenity in October. I also suffered from brain fog. I’m fortunate that these side effects are minimal and tolerable. Good luck!