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Tooth pain and Neuropathy

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I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy in 2004 and in the past few years it started affecting my hands and arms. In 2017 I started having dental pain affecting all my teeth, starting after I ate. Initially my teeth would ache for an hour or so after eating. Then they started to sting. Now different teeth sting and often this isn't after eating or drinking. One orthodontist said I might need to have root canals done in most of my teeth! I had one unneccessary one done years ago without resolving the pain in that tooth.
So finally I am asking if anyone has a similar symptom with their neuropathy. I don't have the best teeth but I do take care of them and visit the dentist as directed so no uncared for issues and no one seems to know what this is about - dentist or physician.

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My teeth and jaws started to hurt a few weeks ago. This didn't happen during my treatment for cancer the first time around and this second cancer it has been 4 months and suddenly my jaw and teeth hurt.Dentist said it was due to the drugs and to rinse out my mouth with a little bit of salt in some water several times a day and it helps tremendously.

I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy a few years ago. I don’t have tooth pain (thank goodness) but I’ve had tongue and mouth pain for years, sometimes with small blisters and sores. I saw an ENT when there was a discussion about doing a tongue biopsy for Sjögren’s syndrome. That didn’t happen, but he confirmed that I was not making enough saliva. He prescribed Pilocarpine 5 mg three times per day prn. I actually saw him before my SFN diagnosis, so I’ve been taking the Pilocarpine for 3-4 years.
I’m telling this rambling story in case there might be some dry mouth issues contributing to tooth pain. I had years of dry mouth issues to report to him, and he confirmed decreased saliva by pressing on my salivary glands. He was much more helpful than my dentist.
Good luck!