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Your symptoms definitely sound like MG to me and they can get much worse. Antibody tests don’t always reflect a positive result even if you do have it. Get in touch with MGFA and they could possibly help you find the a neuromuscular specialist near you who could more adequately diagnose and treat you. You may have to travel a ways to go to one. I go to one at a large university teaching university a hundred miles from my home, but it’s worth it because if my symptoms get really bad and I go in to crisis I lose ability to breathe and have to be intubated. This has happened to me three times before the best treatment for me was found. Hopefully you will improve and find the right doctor who KNOWS about MG.

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Thankyou so much for responding!I think I must have MG or something close to it.We have so much Lupus on both sides of the Family I thought it may be that.I had to go to the ER several times for not be able to breathe or swallow,but all they found was extreme constipation.I think whatever disease this is is causing it though because at the beginning it was like my whole body stopped functioning.The only thing I can think of is that my body was so worn down from years of anemia from heavy periods that when I finally got the iron infusion and possibly covid my immune system went haywire.I remember years ago before I was diagnosed with Hashimito's it was a similar situation.My whole body shut down.I also have had a constant dry cough that came on months ago that won't go away.I don't know if that is part of MG.I was even looking at ALS,but my arms and legs are big and inflamed.When I walk it is like walking with cement legs and I think with ALS you lose alot of weight.At the beginning when I could not swallow I only weighed a little over 100 pounds and luckily my primary thought to give me steroids.That was the only thing that gave me the ability to eat again.I will have to find a neuromuscular doctor.The neurologist I am seeing is not that helpful and whatever I have is just not showing up on tests and I am not getting any better.Do you happen to get IVIG treatments?I was reading that those can sometimes help.