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Thank you for all the information. I too live in Georgia about an hour north of Atlanta. I called Emory Pain Management and aked if they did injections at C1 or C2 and they said no.
I have difficulty sleeping also. Any part of my head touching a service triggers the pain as well as talking.
The Pain Management dr at Mayo recommended PT and Acupuncture but the headache neurologist said to wait, I guess to see if the dorsal root ganglion block worked.
My life has been on a complete hold. I had to cancel a surgery for a different issue because I do not believe I could recover ( 6 weeks or so) with this terrible head pain. I have had it for about 9 months and it began the day afterI had an Endoscopy.
May zi ask where you are having PT, MFR, and Acupuncture?
I too use ice constantly. My freezer has more ice packs than food.
I really appreciate your information.

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I did not have the C1 at Emory. I saw a neurologist in VA that my son was able to get me to see (He's a doc in MD).. He referred me to a doc who did C1 injections. Her name is Protopapas and she is in VA.
I am having PT in Greensboro where I live with the same PT who did dry needling. I trust her. I am having acupuncture at Emory out of the Pain Center. I had MFR therapy in north Atlanta but it got to be too much to drive 2 hours to and from. There are MFR therapists in the ATL area but none where I live.
My onset was July 2022, out of nowhere. It just started in my neck and moved up my head. The PT and acupuncturist and PT believe it is related to a whiplash type of trauma from a fall I had about 6 months earlier. I fainted and landed on my left side. The docs think the fall is unrelated, but I think it is a factor.
I'm an online college professor and I've totally revamped my computer position so it's at eye level to avoid any neck strain from looking down. I can't read on my iPad unless I hold it up and that's a challenge.
My PT told me to use both the cold gel packs AND moist heat. The gel packs numb pain but the heat helps relax muscles.
I had to buy an adjustable bed so I can sleep semi-upright. I can't really sleep otherwise. When I visit my adult kids I have to stack up hard pillows to simulate the adjustable bed, but it's not good. I just put up with it to be able to visit them.
I am better than I was in July 2022, so hang in there. I think it's a very long haul for me to complete recovery, but I have no choice but to keep trying different interventions.
I'm happy to talk further if I can be of any help or at least understanding.