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I had an injection at C1 by a doc who is trained to do so in D.C.
I live in GA and see a pain doc at Emory.
None of the medial branch or facet joint injections I have had were helpful enough to suggest ablation.
I have had pain for 20 months but recently received the occipital neuralgia diagnosis.
The occipital nerve PLUS cervical plexus injections are of some help.
I’m trying other interventions too. I did MFR therapy and dry needling. I’m now doing manual physical therapy and acupuncture. I put cold and heat on my neck multiple times a day.
I must sleep on an incline and on my back. If I bend my neck my ear becomes painful.
I am very slowly improving because I think I finally have a correct diagnosis. However it’s rare and docs don’t have a lot of experience with it.
I wish you well in your journey of healing.

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Thank you for all the information. I too live in Georgia about an hour north of Atlanta. I called Emory Pain Management and aked if they did injections at C1 or C2 and they said no.
I have difficulty sleeping also. Any part of my head touching a service triggers the pain as well as talking.
The Pain Management dr at Mayo recommended PT and Acupuncture but the headache neurologist said to wait, I guess to see if the dorsal root ganglion block worked.
My life has been on a complete hold. I had to cancel a surgery for a different issue because I do not believe I could recover ( 6 weeks or so) with this terrible head pain. I have had it for about 9 months and it began the day afterI had an Endoscopy.
May zi ask where you are having PT, MFR, and Acupuncture?
I too use ice constantly. My freezer has more ice packs than food.
I really appreciate your information.