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Thank you!
I have all the symptoms of Occipital neuralgia. I believed that’s what I have but after receiving a nerve block here locally that did not work I went to Mayo in Jacksonville. They did an occipital nerve block also that did not work and then after a Spect Ct said it was inflammation at C1,C2. And like you said the pain management Dr at Mayo may not want to do a procedure at C1. They already did a Dorsal Root Ganglion block at C2, 2 weeks ago. They are thinking about doing an ablation at C2 or an injection at C1 which scares me. Did yo have an injection at C1? I don’t want to take anymore medications. I only take Tylenol for pain and an occasional hydrocodone because of side effects. I take Eliquis so cannot take Advil or the like. Where do you go for pain management?

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I had an injection at C1 by a doc who is trained to do so in D.C.
I live in GA and see a pain doc at Emory.
None of the medial branch or facet joint injections I have had were helpful enough to suggest ablation.
I have had pain for 20 months but recently received the occipital neuralgia diagnosis.
The occipital nerve PLUS cervical plexus injections are of some help.
I’m trying other interventions too. I did MFR therapy and dry needling. I’m now doing manual physical therapy and acupuncture. I put cold and heat on my neck multiple times a day.
I must sleep on an incline and on my back. If I bend my neck my ear becomes painful.
I am very slowly improving because I think I finally have a correct diagnosis. However it’s rare and docs don’t have a lot of experience with it.
I wish you well in your journey of healing.