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Severe Allergy to Paxlovid

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After 2 doses of Paxlovid, I developed hives. Since Covid is reported to cause hives at times, and I am in a high risk group, I soldiered on, took a third dose. 9 hrs later, at 4 am, I woke up with a huge swollen tongue and swelling of my lips. I thought I was going to die! I managed to find 50 mg of Benadryl and after about 10 minutes, I could see a small improvement.
Over the next 24 hrs, I had severe angioedema, swelling of lips, inner mouth, edge of tongue.
That disappeared 48 hrs after last dose of Paxlovid, but I am now left with massive hives, unresponsive to large doses of H1/H2 blockers plus mast cell stabilizer ( Singulair). I think that the Paxlovid tipped off some cytokine auto immune problem and I'm afraid I will itch forever. I have requested an appointment with an experienced Allergist/Immunologist
From my reading, this is actually well reported, but Pfizer not getting the word out. Be sure to fill out the Medway here ADE report.

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I'm really glad you found the benadryl.

I think people who get that kind of swelling of face, throat /tongue are supposed to go to the hospital ER or call 911, no matter what medication caused it.

If I get any kind of rash from a medication, I talk to my doctor and pharmacist before another dose, just to be cautious.

That is absolutely terrifying! When I took it it still wasn't FDA approved, so it wasn't on the paperwork (which I read over and over and over before taking it) i got from the walk-in clinic, but after my initial reaction I was able to find a small note about it on the web. It's definitely not being talked about given Paxlovid now has mass commercials out there for the drug. I filed two very extensive reports with photos. I hope it doesn't become systemic for you and that you heal quickly.