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Thank you - I don’t know any of the details. I feel like she doesn’t ask specifics and they are not telling her or she’s not remembering them. I will find out more. She’s been to all of her appointments alone. So I don’t want to be a bulldog and take over but I’m also one that needs to know all the info. She maybe doesn’t so… but she does want me the there to help navigate all the info.

Best of luck for your recovery and remission

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Record the appointments with your phone. That way you can focus on getting your questions answered. Write out questions before appointments. You can send a copy of recording to your friend. And she can send a copy to whomever she wants to have it.

I'm sorry to hear the news of your friend. I've recently been diagnosed with IDC and one thing that has been a life saver is Mayo recaps everything discussed in our appointments in our portal notes. Maybe you can ask your friend about this. The doctors cover everything including what steps are underway at the moment.