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Where to even start with bone drugs

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@tarzy. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect and to this Support Group.

Thank you for including your DEXA results. Those are significant t-scores in the negative range. My DEXA scores were always for just one hip (L) and now with hip replacement hardware in my left hip my right hip is scanned. I had pelvic radiation therapy in December, 2021 through January 2022 and as the radiation oncologist said I lost bone mass. In fact, I had a sacral fracture which is what started me again on figuring out how to manage osteoporosis. Prior to the radiation treatment and sacral fracture I had taken Fosamax for 5 years, exercise with weight lifting, and was careful to get enough calcium in my diet. I had a bone density scan before the radiation treatment and at that time my bone mass was in the osteopenia range and looked good.

I suggest that you have that talk with your doctor to explore all of your options.

My endocrinologist told me that I had optimized everything I could do on my own and with my history of that sacral fracture it was time to consider medication. My mother had osteoporosis and she had two severe fractures in which she was in a lot of pain and very frail. I don't want that quality of life so I'm willing to try what is available to me. I thought about my endocrinologist's recommendation and decided on Evenity for one year and then re-assess. The plan is for 12 months of Evenity, do a bone density scan, and then move to another medication to "lock in" the increase in bone density.

When will you see your doctor to start this discussion on options?

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I see my GP on Feb 16 but am wondering if I should ask for a referral to an endocrinologist as I see them referred to often on this site.