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Looking for others with Pituitary Adenoma

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Ok just to give everyone and update. I recieved my lab results from my initial visit with my Encronologist and Neurologist. Ironically, my prolactin levels were normal (24) and all the other lab results were also normal however I still have breast discharge. My Encronologist said it may be idiopathic discharge. My prolactin levels have been checked monthly since August and each month they have been mildly elevated until this month. My Encronologist also stated I may have a tiny tumor but the MRI was unconvincing and my level would be in the 200's if my elevated prolactin levels were related to a pituitary adenoma that produced excessive prolactin. My Encronologist is doing a siliva test for possible Cushing's disease but highly doubts if that is an issue. I completed siliva test last night, so I'll wait to see what happens. I've been told not worry or I'm not sure what you have but if you do have a pituitary tumor, it's tiny and nothing to worry about. I just believe every situation is unique and shouldn't be dismissed because they don't fix the typical textbook explanations. Just my thoughts from a confused patient.

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Good to "hear" your update, @ladydove417. That's rough that you are feeling confused in the midst of the testing process. Very understandable.

I'd also like to introduce you to @parrotqueen @astaingegerdm @koryn @elmay @downeylynn, who also have talked about pituitary tumors.

When will you get the results and interpretation of the saliva test you were given, @ladydove417? Do you believe your doctor was saying that the breast discharge was likely unrelated?

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