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Looking for others with Pituitary Adenoma

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Hello Everyone,

I had a MRI done a few months ago due a moderately elevated prolactin levels (42). The MRI showed a possible 4mm microadenoma. I recently saw a Neurosurgeon and Encronologist and was told by the Neurosurgeon that she doesn't think I have a pituitary tumor. She basically said if there is a tumor there, it's small and nothing to worry about. She went on to show me some old pictures that she uses for illustration of a large and a small tumor. Then she showed me my images on a screen and asked me if I saw anything similar to what she had shown me on the black and white photos and I didn't. She pointed out the area where the possible pituitary adenoma was and said most people have small lesions of some sort like that. My Encronologist is running test to check various hormone levels. He's wants to rule out somethings but is concerned about my BP and weight. I'm tired all the time and have anemia and migraines. He asked about my sleep habits and now I have to do a sleep study. The Encronologist said there are a lot of pieces to this puzzle and unfortunately I wouldn't get the answers until various test were completed. I also have to so a siliva test.

I'm so lost. I'm scheduled to repeat an MRI next year. Things are just all over the map. And it doesn't help when all your family hears is you don't have a tumor and everything else goes out the window. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting looking lost and confused. Has anyone else had to deal with anything like this. Maybe I should be happy the Neurosurgeon didn't see anything but it doesn't feel right to me. I am thrilled that no surgery is needed but not convinced that nothing is there. I'm just not convinced but I'm also not a Neurosurgeon lol. Any advice or input?

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Hi, @ladydove417 I hope this email finds you well. I was reading what you wrote. My husband I was diagnosed with Pituitary Adenoma,Also look like he was starting to have Cushings Syndrome,after 5 years and many test,my husband did his surgery. First thing I will tell you is Never settle for 1 opinion, I took my husband 3 Neurologist,2 endocrinologist. Until we found perfect doctors I dont know where you live but where I live we have University Of Miami (UHEALTH). Sometimes you need to go some place else to get better opinion,but if you cant . I will give you his doctors name and maybe you can find doctor in your area that are similar like my husbands. I will tell you keep a binder all report,and CDs all your labs,MRi,Cat Scan, anything you have done. All medications given also. His endocrinologits is Dr Atil Kargi and his Dr Ronald Benveniste neurologist surgeon. My husband had high blood pressure, he was gaining weight,swelling around his stomach,headaches,he even started have visual problems,and sugar was trying to turn to diabetes. It is a very hard process,lots of emotions. I will tell you this my husband was complaining dull headaches so I made 1 appoinment with regular neurologist and he told him and I was there "so you can stop crying and whinning,I'll send you for a cat scan,because you are to young to have anything'. Oh boy when the result came in,he didn't know how to talk to us or look at us. We new what the result was prior ro him telling us because we had picked up copy of the results and before he said anything I was already looking for another doctor. Please dont lose hope,you need to stay persistant and if a doctor tells you have nothing and you feel uncertain get another opinion. I know some insurance makes it hard but you need to talk to them and unfortunately have to pay out your own pocket. I send you hugs and prayers.My last advice is look for God and let him guide you and leave your worries to him and he will come thru for you,like my husband did and my children and I are very grateful,because my husband is with us today.

@ladydove417 – that would definitely be hard with your family just hearing that you don't have a tumor and not quite understanding your situation. With all the pieces to pull together of this puzzle, as your endocrinologist said, it's understandable you'd feel lost.

@dmedina71 makes an important point that seeking a second opinion if you are feeling uncertain could be useful.

I'd like you to meet @gemttaz @remsen @sandysdoves and @hopeful33250, who may have some input as you are going through this process and wondering about the possible 4mm microadenoma.

When will you be doing the hormone check, saliva test and sleep test?

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