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I took the GeneSight test. It is a newer Anti-D and was on the green column that said it was good for me. I am feeling better. Thank goodness the time ingested of only three weeks, the fact I discontinued it when I did and it may not be as time-consuming where one has to gradually wean in withdrawal as some of the others. Not only did I stay in bed except for when necessary with my head covered up with anxiety so heightened, also, I contemplated suicide. Thankfully, I have an online therapist who was there to talk and concern herself about my unhealthy thoughts and gave me suggestions for it if got bad before doing something dangerous and permanent. It has been many, many years than I can remember when either the effects of the Anti-D being taken or the fact I was not taking anything caused such symptoms, especially the idea of ending it all. Very scary. For now, I am drying out or returning to not having anything until I see a medication manager again next month and I guess we go down the list for another drug. Thanks for your concern, it helps.

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Good for you seeing a medicine manager. I am close to being off my antidepressant, and that scares me. I am using natural supplements, and I am hopeful the long term damage to my body is not extensive. I hope you find the right medication, and I wish you well.❤️