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Looking for others with Pituitary Adenoma

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I really have minimal side effects except periodic visual blurriness, no headaches. I am under a neuro surgeons care who does not recommend surgery so far. I do get tired a lot, find it difficult to walk very far. What are others experience with this type of tumor?

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Torino – How long have you had your diagnosis? Are you uncomfortable about the watch and wait situation?

A little over two years now. Yes the watch and wait is not good, because I don’t have medical insurance, and can’t afford to use obama care, based on the tests I need, and the expense. I can’t afford 20% of an MRI cost, so I haven’t had any scans in over a year. I’m more on a wait and see. Wait, and hope is I guess better to describe it…. I just hope something doesn’t happen. I can’t afford to have anything major go wrong, but I can’t afford to keep checking it either. I have lost faith in the disability system, I have been denied 3 times now. It’s just so discouraging, I don’t even think about it. When I bump into walls, I just laugh at myself, because there’s nothing I can do about it now. Just waiting for death I guess. Sorry for being negative, but I don’t have anything positive to say about my health right now. I also have a pineal cyst (in my brain) occipital neuralgia, Fibro, and a list of diagnoses, so it’s all most too much to keep up with even for me. I get nauseated, and vomit out of nowhere sometimes. But I have so many problems, my symptoms overlap, and it’s hard to distinguish, what came from where. I just get through the day, and whatever happens, is gonna happen I guess. My main message, was written back when I lived in California, on my husband’s insurance, and had care. But things have drastically changed, and not for the better.

10 years. I am not uncomfortable about the wait.

I had a diagnosis about six years ago. My neurosurgeon told me at my last visit and mri that my microadenoma does not need surgery. Today, I have periodic blurriness, fatigue, and find it difficult to gain weight ( 102 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches and 84 years of age). But, am managing. Mostly concerned about difficulty gaining weight, but it is steady.

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