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I have been on Effexor XR 50mg for three weeks now. For two of those weeks, I was in bed with anxiety so strong, that I could do nothing but cover up my head and except for what was necessary do nothing else. Debilitating anxiety. This was prescribed after a Genesight. Anyway, I did not and continue to not have the option of tapering off. It has been several days now since my last dose. I am only now not struck with extreme anxiety, but it is a struggle because it is still present. I am trying and at the same time apprehensive because I live with moderate depression and anxiety and know that I am one of those who will have to rely on something to remotely function. I have other chronic illnesses, including diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure but need to get my mental illness addressed as a priority because it controls everything each day.

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Hi Carolyn. I’m so sorry to hear how you’re struggling. Just to clarify, did you just start taking Effexor?

Please recheck your prescription for accuracy. I didn't think that Effexor XR comes in a 50 mg strength? I have taken 37.5 mg and 75 mg capsules in Effexor XR ("extended release"). I am now taking a 50 mg tablet, but it is "immediate release" Effexor, available in 25 mg or 50 mg. Just want to be sure you are taking what you should be taking for the optimum effect.