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Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS)

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I have been struggling with MALS for 3 years..struggling with MALS . You are not alone. There many of us out there struggling.
Facebook has a wonderful support group called MALS PALS and and MALS Awareness Community . This is a page where you can ask questions and share your experiences withe others who have MALS. There are also a list of files at the stop of the page that show you surgeons that have been used.
With the use of these Facebook Pages, my husband and I diagnosed that I had MALS. It is a very complicated and rare to diagnose because everyone is so different with the symptom's. It took over 30 diagnostic tests to confirm I had it because MALS is a combination of a process of elimination of tests. The final tests doctors will die after ruling out GI issues are CTA Angiogram with and without contrast and using breathing protocols, Mesenteric Doppler Ultrasound with breathing protocols and Celiac Plexus Block. This test is usually the last test a vascular surgeon will do. If you are relieved of pain after eating for atleast 4-6 hours, chances are you are a good candidate for surgery. Some doctors will do robotic Lap, Lap, or Open surgery.
I had a Robotic Lap almost 2 years ago, unfortunately, it didn't work and the compression was still there. I had Open Surgery in November and so far I'm better but not perfect. Recovery time can be very long unfortunately and can take up to a year. Everyone is so different.
Be sure to do your research and find a good Vascular surgeon with lots of experience, not just a couple.
Also research the MALS Foundation National Median Arcuate Ligament Foundation, its a nonprofit with alote of good information.

Hope this helps and Good Luck!

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Thank you so much for replying to me for replying to me. It feels wonderful not to feel so alone. I have done all of those tests. My doctor has a ton of experience with MALS at UVA in VA. have you fully recovered from your surgery? Do you still get pain in your chest?

Thankyou so so much. Sorry you’re suffering with this as well. I’m glad the second surgery helped. My surgeon only does the open surgery. She’s had the most success with it. I have to get the block sometime in March. I’m told you get some meds so you’re a bit out of it. I pray it works. I’ve had all the other tests as well. I’ll try Mals pals! God bless. Keep in touch!