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Fiberglass insulation hazard to lungs

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Appreciate the knowledge pertaining to terminology etc but Glass is made of silica and silica is toxic as he stated in the beginning. Additionally the wording was ."known"to California? Also they only say "does not "cause" cancer. I suppose never mind all the other health risk associated with these products . Additionally the risk increases depending on amount of exposure. Safety clothing, wearing Tyvek in a factory? Temps range 70- 98°. Wear Tyvek in 85° for 10 hours. Safety mask 10 hours.the sweat attaches the glass to skin, eye wear? Fogging up lens pay attention safety first oh & production. Finally these materials play a major part in multi billion $ business = tax revenue state/fed. I sense big business said "hey scientist you make it work" and government deregulated. That's good eh? As individuals our health is no 1 ,do the research . I have experience working in fiber glass. I just basically think that the real issue is the fiber glass can tear the lining of the lungs, in fact I don't even know this scientifically. However I can say that I feel that our bodies tell us when something isn't right and if fiber glass can do what it does to my skin, their is really nothing any one can say that will persuade me to think that our society can't live without it. This isn't to say that I haven't seen it's uses in a wide variety of products because I have I am only saying that I think their are safer products capable of providing equal benefits I am also saying I think society would still exist without fiber glass. Uncertain of its decomposition duration I am uncertain of the affect it has on our planet either.

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Hello, and welcome to Connect. It sounds like you have some experience working with fiberglass, and we are in agreement that adequate protective gear is essential when exposed to it.
Did you have a medical issue that lead you to our lung support group?