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Burning in inner thighs and niddle pinch burning in feet

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I took Gabapentin for 2 weeks, but had to stop due to blurred vision. During that time, my burning was almost completely gone, but it didn’t affect the tingling or numbness. Right now, even though I don’t take the Gabapentin anymore, my burn spot is about the same as with the med. I’ve learned it may take months or years for the B12 deficiency damage to repair,

The neurologist prescribed me Lexapro, which I have not started yet. I hesitated for several reasons, including side effects and getting off it. Anyway, when I went to the neurologist, I also had fasciculations throughout my body. He said to treat my symptoms, since there was no neuropathy. My reading indicates that not only can covid cause the tingling, numbness, etc., but so can anxiety. I do have extremely high anxiety right now due to a family situation that I’m trying to resolve. Plus, it runs in my family.

So, I began therapy to help with my anxiety and the physical ailments that I have. Plus, I have smell and taste disorders (from covid) that is very stressful and emotionally draining. And, I’m in the process of a metamorphosis …physically and emotionally. (Lost 60 pounds so far and getting into shape. Lots of changes.) I love therapy and believe it really has helped me a lot! I’m trying to let go of pains and ailments and focus on my good health. I’m fortunate to have good energy, motivation and a good healthy body, with a few exceptions.

I hope you can figure out what you’re experiencing. I get satisfaction from gaining information about ailments, but sometimes it works against me and pushes me to anxiety. I have to put the brakes on it.

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I also had/have fasiculations, painful calves, and a bunched sock feeling under my toes.I was on magnesium and it is better, Now it is numbness in three toes and hot feet with tingling. I had covid about a year ago. I recovered ok. This all started in September, and keeps progressing. I am on a small amount of Lexapro. It helps with the depression of going from 100% healthy to 20% of what I used to do.... I look normal to everyone but I am in pain/uncomfortable all the time. I think my gabapentin is too low 100 2x day....

Hi everyone and sufiyan2,

We all feel empathy for your situation.
I have diabetic Type 2 symptoms in feet starting 1 month ago, including cramps and prickling. As of now, I have great anxiety.

I tried and lost 20 pounds of weight, eating a low carb diet.

Gabapentin helped with the mild pain. Exercise helps temporarily.

I hope this post helps you.