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Has anyone had a hysteroscopy?

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@rashida I had a hysteroscopy as a same-day procedure in the hospital. I also had anesthesia so I didn't feel anything but I was uncomfortable when I woke up because air is introduced into the uterus in order to inflate it a bit to allow the doctor to look.

May I ask why you hare having the hysteroscopy?

Also, can you call the doctor's office and ask if you will be given a sedative or light anesthesia before the procedure? If none is planned you can definitely ask for that. The more you know about the procedure ahead of time the less anxious you might feel.

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@naturegirl5 the procedure will be done at a clinic which sounds like just a regular specialist’s (gynaecologist) office.

I just called the office. Neither doctor or her nurse is in today. I asked what I need to do before the appointment and she said just take Advil or extra strength Tylenol an hour before the procedure. I asked if the doctor will be using local anesthesia and she said the doctor does not administer anesthesia for this procedure. She also said I can eat or drink as usual before the procedure.

My own GP also informed me only Tylenol is required. However, on the Internet everywhere I have read they say the doctor administers anesthetic. I’m in Canada - so I guess they do this without any. My GP has ordered this procedure because the transvaginal ultrasound was not clear enough - and she mentioned my uterine lining is very thin.

I have had random spotting for the past two years. I moved a year ago and it has taken this long to find a new physician.