Tell Others you’re a Mayo Clinic Champion

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Tell Others you're a Mayo Clinic Champion

'I am a Champion' images for social media are available for those who want to post or display their Mayo Clinic Champion status and let others know about the work that they do.

I am a Champion

Use this image to let others know you're here to help. Post the image on Facebook or Twitter to share your dedication to helping others in need.
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Profile Pics

Use the profile pics below on Facebook and Twitter to let others know you're a Mayo Clinic Champion.

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Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have search features on their sites and apps. Search for your disease or condition, and it will bring you to different posts or tweets, people, accounts, pages, groups, and hashtags with discussions. Search different words related to your disease to find the best fit for you. For example, someone who suffers from breast cancer might search for “cancer,” “breast cancer,” “fighting breast cancer,” “surviving cancer,” and “surviving breast cancer.”

If you don’t find any posts because you have a rare disease or condition, or there just isn’t a community out there yet, try being a little less specific in your search and rally around that community. For example, instead of searching for “epithelioid sarcoma,” try “soft-tissue sarcoma” or just “sarcoma.” Or you can start the conversation yourself. Starting the conversation will help others find you. Tie your specific disease or condition into your posts or tweets, including the more generic term. For example, #Sarcoma is rare, but there are ways to test for it, including the very rare #EpithelioidSarcoma.